Consignment Guidelines - Please read entirely

  • Consignment is taken Tuesday- Friday 10:15am- 4:45pm with no appointment necessary and Saturdays by appointment only.  
  • We only accept items clean, odor & wrinkle free, and in like new, ready to wear condition. We welcome all brands and all sizes.
  • Please bring items in by season on a non-returnable hanger or neatly folded in a box, bin, or structured bag (returnable.) Items will not be accepted in trash bags. 
  • All items MUST be completely free of all animal hair. Please take a lint roller to items prior to bringing them in. 

The Process 

It typically takes 10-15 minutes to go through your items to select what we take. We have a nursing friendly, Wi-Fi lounge and a gated kids play area or you can wait in your car with the kiddos as we go through items using our drive-up service.  Just give us a call from the parking lot -980.339.5489- or pop your head in and we'll come out! (Same with picking up a check)   

Check Payouts

  • Consignors will receive 40% of the sale price. Checks are written Tuesday- Friday (10a-5p) no call ahead necessary. If you need to pick up a check on a Saturday, please call during the week so we can write it in advance. 
  • Checks may be picked up 30 days after drop off and every 30 days after that. You may also choose to collect one check at the end of the 90 day period, along with any unsold items. Please give a days notice if you would like to collect unsold items. Items left after 90 days will be subject for donation. We donate to Community Choices in Charlotte, an organization that houses and clothes pregnant women in need. 
  • We consign items up to 90 days (30 days if the seasons are about to change.) Since we have so many items selling daily, we do not call consignors.  Please mark your calendar for 30-90 days to check on your items.
  • We do not mail checks except to those outisde of NC/SC. If you would like to check on your items, please give us a call. Social media messages may not be answered as quickly as we are busy helping customers in store.