Consignment Policy

316 East Blvd Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28203

Now Accepting Spring/Summer Maternity!

By now, we've probably all purged everything we possibly can in our house during quarantine. Here is how to prepare and bring in your maternity consignment. Get it in quick before we stop taking summer items!

Kids in the car? Drive up service now available weekdays! Call 980-939-1690 from the parking lot


Consignment Guidelines - Read Entirely

  • We accept maternity and nursing clothing by season. We welcome all brands and sizes in like new condition and within current styles. We accept items with an original retail value of $20 or more and are currently accepting all brands for skinny jeans and designer only for bootcut jeans. 
  • All items MUST be completely free of all animal hair due to personal allergies. Please take a lint roller to items prior to bringing them in. Bag items if necessary. We cannot look through items with animal hair on it.
  • Consignment is taken Tuesday- Friday 11:00a- 4:30p with no appointment necessary and Saturdays by appointment preferred.  
  • Bring items in ready to wear condition. We only accept like new items that have been freshly washed and are free of odor, pet hair, and wrinkles.
  • Please have items neatly folded in a box, basket, or structured bag (returnable.) Items will not be accepted in trash bags. If clothing has been stored in an attic, please give them a fresh wash.
  • Any consignment brought in that does not meet the above guidelines may be charged a dry cleaning fee to make items ready for the floor. 

The Process 

It typically takes 5-15 minutes to go through your items to select what we will consign and we will pass the rest back to you. We offer free Wi-Fi, a kids play kitchen + toys, and you are welcome to nurse. You can also wait in your car with the kiddos as we go through items by using our drive-up service.  Just give us a call from the parking lot at (980)939-1690 or pop your head in and we'll come out! (Same with picking up a check) * Drive up service excludes Sat appts.

Check Payouts

  • We consign items for up to 60 days. If you wish to get back any remaining items at this time, please call us 2-3 business days prior to your 60 day mark so that we can gather remaining items for you to pick up with your check. Items left after 60 days become the property of One Hott Mamma Maternity and may be donated. We donate to a local crisis pregnancy center. Consignors will receive 30% of the sale price in a check or 50% for an in store credit. Credit cannot be used online.  
  • Please call to request a check Tuesday- Friday during business hours at the end of your 60 days and we will let you know when our next payout period is. We do not write checks on Saturdays but if you have called ahead during the week you may pick it up on a Saturday. We write one check per consignor after your 60 day period.  Due to the large amount of consignors, we do not call consignors when items sell.
  • Checks can be mailed for a $5 convenience fee to reduce the amount of time spent mailing out checks. Fee is waived for those that live outside of NC/SC.